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  1. if we are ever alone: three nights of darkness for easter 2021 (night 3)

  2. if we are ever alone: three nights of darkness for easter 2021 (night 2)

  3. if we are ever alone: three nights of darkness for easter 2021 (night 1)

  4. cuidus contrarium verum est: a life of christine the astonishing (chapters sixteen to twenty)

  5. 365

  6. cuidus contrarium verum est: a life of christine the astonishing (chapters eleven to fifteen)

  7. cuidus contrarium verum est: a life of christine the astonishing (chapters six to ten)

  8. cuidus contrarium verum est: a life of christine the astonishing (chapters one to five)

  9. o my hart (holocaust remembrance day 2021)

  10. fools for christ: towards a study of christine the astonishing

  11. while we slept the murmuring of god enfolded us

  12. The Body Of A Brazilian Transexual (for Suzanne Moore) and other works from 'black circle gender fuck'

  13. and what was in those ships all three

  14. sweet singing in the choir

  15. Du mußt nicht die Nacht in dir verschränken mußt sie ins ew'ge Licht versenken (transgender day of remembrance 2020)

  16. he is coming (granton primary school)

  17. three songs for the dead (tenebrae responsories out of season for l)

  18. above the city a symbol (the arthur's seat coffins)

  19. jenny wi’ the iron teeth

  20. behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth (the gorbals vampire)

  21. pray to be released from image

  22. disembodiment/ embodiment (24 figures for alex)

  23. when we painted the boats blue (balintore 27/ 07/ 20)

  24. musica universalis

  25. notes towards 'westron wynd'

  26. trio/ trilogy/ trinity (three)

  27. trio/ trilogy/ trinity (two)

  28. trio/ trilogy/ trinity (one)

  29. who gives and who takes comfort is less important than the enacting of a ritual signifying 'we are together' (for Ela and Florek)

  30. what vain art can reply

  31. three plague songs

  32. i was walking in silent streets

  33. sixteen sketches of a resurrection for easter sunday

  34. some streets

  35. improvisation

  36. silence

  37. a still point for susan

  38. the toil of all that be helps not the primal fault

  39. an illustration of formal structure with reference to donne's holy sonnets (part 1 of 3)

  40. from 'six ghost stories'

  41. the gradient of the sky from soft cornflower to radiant lavender to dusty gold

  42. we were only happy when we were shopping

  43. christ reborn as twins on the streets of cambridge

  44. i saw three ships (advent pieces 4)

  45. little town of bethlehem (advent pieces 3)

  46. good king wenceslas (advent pieces 2)

  47. the holly and the ivy (advent pieces 1)

  48. overnight sleeper from inverness to london 1/11/2019 (part 1)

  49. overnight sleeper from inverness to london 1​/​11​/​2019 (part 2)

  50. the obscuring veil (and other metaphors for the state we are in)
    elizabeth Veldon and Liv Radigue

  51. four gestures towards a lost girlhood

  52. three monsters for halloween: there are things in the hills and in the distance but we must not speak of them

  53. three monsters for halloween: zombie

  54. three monsters for halloween: the wendigo

  55. raindrops/ prisms/ raindrops (for judith)

  56. two moons (for k)

  57. ely cathedral, west door 15/09/19

  58. three ghosts instruments for halloween: ghost organ

  59. exploring representations of poverty and resistance in british folk music

  60. gathering voices in silence

  61. the clouds are walking in the hills

  62. in the hills near scaniport we found two trees growing together across the path and this was a gateway

  63. improvisation in three movements

  64. trilogy for a future us

  65. i have taken the military roads (ardersier to fort george, 1/7/19)

  66. and then i thought 'it's only us two left' (for marie)

  67. traveling north (for cindy)

  68. untitled (א‎0)

  69. a reader's guide for seonaid

  70. this is your home (for luke and boris)

  71. i am the collector (volume 5: another look at landscape)

  72. a sketch towards 'a map of scotland'

  73. three movements towards and away from sleep

  74. defining place by it's dislocation

  75. for ariana grande in recognition of her desperation

  76. the house of god

  77. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\characterset/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

  78. from 'five songs on forgetting scots'

  79. two songs for the stillness of night

  80. a short piece for guitar and found objects

  81. untitled 104

  82. four songs from herd's 'ancient and modern scottish songs' (volume 1)

  83. this is what i have broken

  84. a cycle repeating

  85. some songs for cindy

  86. for shaking hands (sonatas and interludes for billy connoly)

  87. five saint elizabeths

  88. a glasgow type (for charles)

  89. a night in winter (part 2)

  90. a night in winter (part 1)

  91. now i am older (for tam)

  92. all i want for christmas (parts 1 and 2)

  93. such a fine sunny day (for sophie scholl)

  94. a sad tale's best for winter

  95. 100

  96. three standard measures of inequality

  97. there is someone moving in the house, i can hear them. I can hear them

  98. for my father, his rotting memory

  99. the house is dark

  100. a short note on the prevalence of anti-transgender narratives

  101. it's getting dark

  102. towards winter

  103. untitled 99

  104. that when i waked i cried to dream again

  105. notes towards a model of the economic redistribution of poetry (part 3 of 3)/ fourteen poems

  106. 'someone whose face i didn't see was in the woods with me last night'

  107. our parents told us to always remember home, the evening star

  108. a meditation on the book of job

  109. notes towards a model of the economic redistribution of poetry (part 2 of 3)

  110. notes towards a model of the economic redistribution of poetry (part 1 of 3)

  111. the south shetland islands (volume 1)

  112. to be as this

  113. 01110100 01110111 01101111 (1/τω0/1)

  114. our parents told us to always remember home, the evening star

  115. to not be at ease (for l)

  116. three pieces for guitar

  117. i am the collector (volume 4: music for music, music for art)

  118. one million longings hung from the branches at Tobar na Coille

  119. untitled (spring 2018.1)

  120. i'm not afraid any more

  121. five figures after mccoy tyner's piano on the second take of greensleeves (group 2)

  122. five figures after mccoy tyner's piano on the second take of greensleeves (group 1)

  123. early works/ noise works

  124. three bursts of static

  125. 'david rending the jaws of the lion' amidst a score of broken cross-slabs

  126. i will allow myself to find the still point at which i can express my sorrow for this loss (for Seonaid)

  127. an infinite series for my maths lecturer

  128. a history of silence (culloden moor, 5.03.2018)

  129. towards spring

  130. if god is present god is in the woods at culloden

  131. because you love to be with me as i make music i make this song to help you sleep

  132. the very image of love

  133. ‎ربوعُ الشّـآمِ بـروجُ العَـلا ‎تُحاكي السّـماءَ بعـالي السَّـنا

  134. for the birds on st valentines day

  135. the voice of the evangelist (a reflection on bach's st. john's passion)

  136. we are balancing on a broken chair but we will not fall (for my mother)

  137. from Laika & Other Works

  138. last night i followed your ghost from stourbridge common to baits bite lock

  139. distant hills dream of winter

  140. two christmas songs

  141. mary's song

  142. change and decay all around i see: responses to 'abide with me' for jackie as a gesture towards a gift

  143. how long, how long (for thomas)

  144. a fantasia on 'god rest you merry gentlemen' (after fahey)

  145. above thy deep and dreamless sleep

  146. >70,000,000

  147. untitled (winter 7)

  148. by ditton meadows you walked and walk there still, a gladness unfolding in the air

  149. i met my brother walking on the common where the plague houses once stood cleansing the land with joy, happy in death and free from pain

  150. shells go crying over them

  151. imortal seeming ever (eight war poems)

  152. we woke to bright skies

  153. to sit atop a pile of shattered rood screens

  154. towards true north (for brian)

  155. clabbernappers, mawkins and thrummy-caps

  156. /ταρε/\tapeloop\

  157. ten shaker dances for mother ann lee and christian that he may dance

  158. ten shaker dances for mother ann lee and christian that he may dance (group 10)

  159. lachrimæ for arwen

  160. shellycoats, jack-in-the-wads and wraiths

  161. ten shaker dances for mother ann lee and christian that he may dance (group 9)

  162. ten shaker dances for mother ann lee and christian that he may dance (group 8)

  163. raw-heads, tod-lowries and boggleboes

  164. ten shaker dances for mother ann lee and christian that he may dance (group 7)

  165. and not only for those who are harmed but those who harm, who wander in darkness for them a grace, a light

  166. ten shaker dances for mother ann lee and christian that he may dance (group 6)

  167. ten shaker dances for mother ann lee and christian that he may dance (group 5)

  168. ten shaker dances for mother ann lee and christian that he may dance (group 4)

  169. ten shaker dances for mother ann lee and christian that he may dance (group 3)

  170. ten shaker dances for mother ann lee and christian that he may dance (group 2)

  171. ten shaker dances for mother ann lee and christian that he may dance (group 1)

  172. something (rogie falls, 09/17)

  173. the trees are nodding their heads and in the night the fox calls

  174. three rituals for a child and a dog

  175. when i die bury me with my head towards the sea so that i may be reborn as a wave

  176. a night treasury (part 1)

  177. our voices when raised together (ruined church, milton of clava)

  178. and here is the ring that was broken between us in the midst of all danger, love, to remind me of you

  179. from 'Laika & Other Works'

  180. when you wake there will be so much love (for nicky)

  181. an eala bhàn (fort george 11/08/17)

  182. how long dead

  183. two improvisations

  184. memento mori (elgin cathedral, 28/07/17)

  185. songs for the summer walker in the woods

  186. around the cairn the wagtails are dancing

  187. to describe a photograph (for cindy)

  188. for you, alison, the grace of god which does not leave you in illness or even now while you sleep or later when you wake

  189. watched by wading birds the stones walk towards the firth

  190. fields of purple seed heads

  191. to die as the foxglove is blooming (for robert wiggens, d. 06​/​2013)

  192. at low tide the witches grave pool is flooded with the song of herons

  193. two songs composed on a recorder for a dead fiddler

  194. gesturing towards invasion ('between the acts' and woolf's diaries)

  195. between the shore and the woods

  196. bounded by water we filled this valley with graves

  197. what's the use of worrying (a liturgie for a guinea pig called lucifer)

  198. loch ness by dores

  199. untitled 98

  200. old souls torn and hung at tobar na coille

  201. five variations on 'hail the conquering hero' (culloden, 6.5.17)

  202. i haw seen elf-arrwows maid. the divell dights them, and the elf-boyes quhytes them

  203. two views of the west

  204. eight essays on falling

  205. oh death (for dock boggs)

  206. a lecture on oil for joseph beuys/ a new scottish symphony (movements 1 and 2)

  207. whole and broken

  208. five poems from 'the man with the night sweats'

  209. a study towards 'to describe a photograph' (for cindy)

  210. from depth of sin, and from a deep despair, from depth of death, from depth of heart’s sorrow

  211. for god's invincible spring our love is made afraid

  212. an island beset by the seas

  213. untitled 95

  214. a study of two relative masses

  215. spring is white flowers by the castle walls

  216. under an eternal sun/ berry picking in blairgowrie

  217. the celtic twilight

  218. on blindness

  219. four laments for the makars of iona

  220. the deaths

  221. and when the boys asked her, 'sibyl, what do you want?' she answered

  222. a movement (for charles darwin)

  223. and the angel that talked with me came again, and waked me, as a man that is wakened out of his sleep. and said unto me, what seest thou?

  224. we ghosts, now living (for ashley)

  225. tha tìm, am fiadh, an coille hallaig/ time, the deer, is in the wood of hallaig

  226. an old soldier with a wooden head: three texts by erik satie

  227. a mountain shut within itself

  228. thornset orange berries cluster/ flamin’, beauty-fain.

  229. o wind, forgi’e a hameless loon that canna see for tears!

  230. we are full of memories, full of loss

  231. last night i dreamt of the roman road again: the road and the wood and the drive from cherry hinton in the summer, in the sun

  232. preludes after t.s. elliot (for seonaid)

  233. a typography of pain

  234. three sketches towards a typography of pain

  235. and will he not come again

  236. new year's day, baldernock (sonatas and interludes for a rural life)

  237. the new year reviving old desires

  238. apropos of nothing (26.12.16)

  239. at the closing of the year we remember the dead

  240. last christmas i gave you my drone

  241. nowel, nowel, nowel

  242. when you die there will be so many photographs

  243. three christmas walks with jaye

  244. snow and

  245. a dream of allepo in ruins

  246. jamie foyers' dream of the rood

  247. to trouble the living stream (for megan)

  248. now goth sonne under wode -

  249. untitled 72

  250. two works adrift

  251. who is sleeping

  252. earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone

  253. a song for winter

  254. the snows have a home

  255. by not keeping still (for phil)

  256. a ritual before sleep

  257. five variations on the gettysburg address (for monica isabel sanchez)

  258. two doctor who treatments

  259. ode to st. cecilia that i may learn the patience of an artist (after purcell)

  260. on passing the new menim gate/ on crossing the drumochter pass

  261. the nights crowd round

  262. three improvisations

  263. Lowland Islands 1 (Greater Cumbrea)

  264. requiem Æternam (all souls)

  265. in the darkening night the trees are falling asleep

  266. the dark (ost)

  267. when i was a child i believed the dead lived in high places so i will walk the campsies until i find you (for my brother)

  268. on finding a box full of old poems /two new poems

  269. two spectra from lockyer's 'contributions to solar physics'

  270. two poems for autumn

  271. several songs in a broken voice

  272. for charlie and ibrahim that they lie in the same grave

  273. under a pale sun

  274. falling into autumn

  275. the night of the fuhrer 2: ghost storm (ost)

  276. i was brave on my first day at school (five hospital stories)

  277. and am i born to die

  278. it's ok, you where sleeping (for catherine)

  279. an evocation of rain

  280. all, all are in my thoughts tonight being dead (in memory of thomas veldon)

  281. on blairskaith muir

  282. a quiet sky

  283. four improvisations

  284. cold and hungry i came to this place and there was a fire burning

  285. and the tenor bell, i suppose owing to some negligence on the part of the ringers, kept sounding faintly about once in a minute during the sermon

  286. untitled↑↑↑

  287. between the soft moor and the soft sky

  288. three songs for a stillborn youth

  289. it will not be long, love, until our wedding day

  290. all i was saying was 'i love you' repeatedly (for munchie)

  291. from the highest point of the park you turn right and descend into the valley once filled by a lake

  292. but she’s become a fish again: three supernatural ballads

  293. three school stories after rowling

  294. the daughters of ava are walking down sauchiehall street

  295. black circle reissue series volume 5: 'left/ right (for peetura)' and 'commit your voice to the ether before everything is lost'
    Various Artists

  296. 'male critics' and more: selected work from 'reactivation congress'

  297. black circle reissue series volume 3: 'cerebral soulless shit' and 'limbs on the common'
    Various Artists

  298. black circle reissue series volume 4: 'then I think of wood and I think of my bones as wood, something slow and put here a long time ago' and 'ex libris trismegistus'
    Various Artists

  299. black circle reissue series volume 1: 'pressed flowers' and 'two discussions of ufology'
    various artists

  300. black circle reissue series volume 2: 'tate and lyle: collected works' and 'gender free childhood: boys and girls in a gender free childhood''

  301. figured in the drift of stars (selected tracks from compilations on black circle records)

  302. a found poem
    elizabeth Veldon and AC Eales

  303. like a broken record: selected compilation tracks from black circle records

  304. a suite for m. r. james

  305. 24/07/2016 3.14pm+

  306. five evocations of loss (for james and catherine)

  307. the line to legend land parts 5 and 6

  308. the erymanthian boar gorges on adonis

  309. and we will never leave you

  310. at five o'clock in the morning: solo albums from black circle records

  311. nine fields: collected field recordings from 'black circle in the field'

  312. two episodes from the life of saint brynach

  313. all we have now is each other

  314. a machine for nicky

  315. two anthems for a new republic

  316. by easter carbeth, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered zion

  317. the fruit between my lips to clotted blood was transubstantiate

  318. all the dignity you can muster

  319. adam lay ibowndyn, bowndyn in a bond

  320. perle, plesaunte to prynces paye to clanly clos in golde so clere,

  321. an improvisation on election night

  322. in the night i read of ghosts

  323. two dead wings (after a photograph by karen constance)

  324. the line to legend land part 3

  325. the line to legend land part 4

  326. the line to legend land parts 1 and 2

  327. five figures for molly bloom

  328. notes towards a mass for orlando

  329. the protection of osiris against the violence of typho must be elicited according to the proper rites and sacrifices'

  330. surrendering to providence (for edward)

  331. a work defined by stillness α and ω (for scott)

  332. when in that dream i was dead

  333. live soundtrack to 'south'

  334. worker's playtime

  335. a study at several orders of magnitude

  336. some songs for nicky as he sleeps

  337. two scottish tales
    elizabeth Veldon

  338. the year we missed the bluebells (for rhondalea)

  339. dreams of falling

  340. i love you more than air

  341. kindertransportlieder

  342. i believe there will be saying of mass and singing of dirges, I had no notion they came so dear

  343. come not to sojourn, but abide with me

  344. shine through the gloom and point me to the skies

  345. change and decay all around i see

  346. i am the collector (volume 3: death, grief and the shoah)

  347. four songs, burning

  348. i am the collector (volume 2: poetry, music and the arts)

  349. i am the collector (volume 1: landscapes)

  350. five reflections on the dark nights of winter

  351. three drum machine improvisations

  352. but it's not winter yet

  353. moodsetter/ pacesetter. scenic (light documentary) - noise/ silence

  354. when i am dead i will miss the bluebells

  355. five selections from 'the birds of the british isles and their eggs' by t. a. coward

  356. two songs for a scottish seaside resort

  357. only the dead have seen the outer lands (a history of britain and ireland in five parts)

  358. flow

  359. untitled (63)

  360. five dances for larry eigner

  361. then phaetron saw the world on every side ablaze

  362. mid summer in doggerland +

  363. easter 1916 +100

  364. as i walk past the walls of south leith parish church i think of those lost at sea

  365. two hand stencils +

  366. a fanciful imagining of rosslyn chapel

  367. a long period comet for caroline herschel

  368. some passages relating to the doomsday project (1984 - 1986)

  369. 30 fires for the fire spook

  370. a late snow dusted the hills

  371. sleepy songs for leon

  372. at night the streets

  373. and then i think 'the sun

  374. i have been opening the windows to let in light

  375. an aspect of hills in differing light

  376. three days out we sang songs and tried to forget earth while around us the wind sang (for sara)

  377. this far out there is only cold, cold and the violence of eternity

  378. if i was a believer i would pray for him

  379. the first flowers are raising their voices

  380. milton road to nepal (for ghoti)

  381. a study for a second album of incidental music for doctor who (for leon)

  382. drawing the sortes

  383. some dreams, long faded (deleted collaborations on black circle)

  384. 'i learned that the death of each victim carries importance, i want to convey that'

  385. three finger exercises for arthur doyle

  386. singing

  387. two city narratives

  388. heart of driving? the night, into! saturday!!

  389. we have come to understand the cold

  390. a winter poem for sara

  391. white hills, wait, wait

  392. a childhood of tape hiss and violence

  393. years ago, before the romans, i stood here watching the sun bestow benedictions on each home

  394. oh the broom, the bonny bonny broom

  395. as i woke and heard the rain

  396. the voices of shadows muttering over split lives

  397. four years of growing older than you (for thomas)

  398. three christmas ghosts

  399. the fury of aerial bombardment

  400. untitled (31)

  401. a reflection on the history of radio astronomy

  402. the moment before the train sways

  403. so krishna

  404. some christmas songs

  405. a litany in time of plague

  406. variations on an anthem for an imagined country

  407. winter is a warm coat

  408. broken robot repair job

  409. six songs for judas

  410. for movement

  411. two lieder for clara schumann and a selection of fragments from the work of maria anna mozart

  412. a vocal exercise for rhondalea

  413. laika

  414. mis air airing baidh 'us burrail measg nan glumag eagalaich/ i was drowning and howling amongst the horrid pools

  415. brenhilda sleeps with a shag's nest in her ribcage

  416. a ship of ghosts brought me here

  417. there are foxes in the long grass boardering the fields and they are singing

  418. encompass me in your eyes' wild calm

  419. like falling forever

    p0stm0rtem featuring Elizabeth Veldon

  421. the perfect blue sky drops leafs to us as if bestowing a benediction

  422. the persistence of frost and shadow

  423. the whispering of falling leaves sounds like footsteps retreating

  424. three songs for a and e

  425. tom weir can not see the carved faces on the auld wife's lifts

  426. we are the broken robots, see us fall
    elizabeth Veldon/ Cementimental

  427. 27.09.15

  428. the cold, late sun

  429. i am winter

  430. walking across christ's pieces one summer i had a vision of a life lived by the campsies, watching the slow erosion of time

  431. a history of fields and industry

  432. three dances for twilight

  433. some songs for field boundaries and shorelines (for sara)

  434. the air is dreaming of autumn

  435. wake me with tears in your eyes (for helen)

  436. i dreamt we where walking down the motorway between coatbridge and chappelhall and the verges where luxuriant while the cars glided past silently (for marie)

  437. two angels for angel (dialogues for radio and piano/ radio and synthesiser)

  438. untitled

  439. two sleepy songs for spike

  440. from 'how shall we sing the lord's song in a strange land: five psalms'

  441. when i return, and to real music making,/ and play that prelude, how will it happen then

  442. fear not: for i have redeemed thee, i have called thee by thy name; thou art mine

  443. +70hiroshima

  444. two ghosts and a penance

  445. two ghosts caught in the eternal loop of the glasgow underground system

  446. the daily visitations of the clatter

  447. marginalia (for douglas)

  448. or burn my nose out with cocaine (in memory of ethyl eichelberger's jocasta)

  449. the drystane dyke and the trees burnished gold by the setting sun

  450. the unity of divinity and the world, the cardinal points, the four elements

  451. the dead have been seen alive

  452. oskar gröning receives a sentence of six minutes and six seconds for each soul

  453. some songs for pluto

  454. that song has became a boat out on the loch in the sunshine

  455. then be not coy (in memory of gladys paterson d. july 2015)

  456. down at the old bull and bush (I'n memoriam tina hibbins)

  457. a formal consideration of the symbolism within 'the wind among the reeds' in light of yeats' nationalism (part 2)

  458. just say no to rockism (for travis)

  459. they have all gone into the world of light (for gladys)

  460. green shadow sings the songs of green shadow
    Green Shadow

  461. a formal consideration of the symbolism within 'the wind among the reeds' in light of yeats' nationalism (part 1)

  462. two guitar pieces

  463. 1. for the dead

  464. an evenings entertainment (the audiobook project part 1)

  465. the bluebells are dying

  466. for nicky who's dreams manifest bluebells

  467. the garden is darkening

  468. i woke - i did, indeed - a million years before the blooming sun

  469. music for dead factories 1 - 3

  470. ovid's metamorphoses reimagined as two remixes

  471. camden and king's cross (for tina)

  472. how great a loss

  473. i dreamt i stood on a ladder in a village outside cambridge and saw the world encapsulated within the fens, infinite and beautiful

  474. a process for travis

  475. fluff from my pocket

  476. blossom trees in a time of plague

  477. we left our traces on bouvet island
    elizabeth Veldon and the Noisettes

  478. these ten years

  479. 'a shorter history of radio' live at radiophrenia and three practice sessions
    elizabeth Veldon and Mary Knox

  480. global frequency responce

  481. a diary of holy week

  482. in spite of that, we call this friday good

  483. three sleep songs

  484. steampunk monorail (for spike)

  485. radiophrenia practice 2

  486. Two Hand Stencils
    elizabeth Veldon

  487. three songs for a deer

  488. i've been falling over
    bothered by aircraft noise?

  489. radiophrenia practice 1

  490. a masculine perspective

  491. second toughest on the pigs
    bothered by aircraft noise?

  492. for all my dead songs

  493. queen victoria's mech suit

  494. if we shadows have offended think on this and all is mended

  495. the butterfly is a symbol of the soul (for phil)

  496. music from the film where he dreamt he had died (sonatas and interludes for marie)

  497. a sleep song

  498. two propositions on handel's messiah derived from a reading of marissen

  499. the shadow of falling snow

  500. +70 (on the liberation of auschwitz)

  501. on the coldest night of the year we measure our own breath as if it represented a loss

  502. a nightingale sang in village halls (a civilian song book part 1)

  503. sir, your art is ill considered

  504. untitled

  505. from the highest point of the park you turn right and descend into the valley once filled by a lake

  506. treatise pp 168-173

  507. should auld acquaintance

  508. toughest on the innocent

  509. warner copyright infringement

  510. music for the solstice

  511. some meditations on the transformitive nature of giving (for christina rossetti)

  512. an unsentimental song for andy which seeks to express love

  513. the hills are dressed in white

  514. four winter impressions

  515. the growing terror of nothing to think about

  516. approaching forty

  517. elizabeth's twelve days of christmas jazz

  518. the recording angel of llangernyw yew

  519. two short notes towards an aids mass

  520. the radio station is playing 'stranger on the shore' and it is raining

  521. new music for travis/ nsic for trew muavis/ nsor treic fw muavis/ nsor treic fvisw mua/ sor tre nivisca fw mu/ new words for travis

  522. four improvisations useing a moog werkstatt-01

  523. music for the rosetta probe

  524. i am sitting in your garden, can you see me

  525. a prayer for jhonn

  526. the air is full of leaves

  527. last night i dreamt of cambridge again

  528. walking in a trap street (for paul)

  529. four variations on disintegration

  530. the world will end with foxes calling

  531. towards darkness

  532. all homes have memories

  533. reading st paul i realised the centrality of empathy in interpersonal relationships

  534. five short dances from the merry muses of caledonia

  535. hurry up, it's getting dark

  536. all is at rest

  537. a night on gallows hill

  538. the grass bleaches in the autumn sunlight

  539. elements

  540. music for a horror film

  541. autumn is the domain of sleep

  542. for i will consider my cat nickholas

  543. the garden is falling asleep and in it's sleep it dreams of winter

  544. all things are passing, disolving, fading away: a second lament for john macdonald (after oighrig(ni illeasbaig) dhomhnallach/ euphemia macdonald)

  545. the garden is filling with rain

  546. i woke up and could not see the campsies

  547. elizabeth Veldon's election diary: week three

  548. within the warm darkness (18th september 2014)

  549. towards night (17th september, 2014)

  550. elizabeth Veldon's election diary: week 2

  551. four short fighting songs for the swing kids (for daniel)

  552. four situations from atkinson's expedition of 1833

  553. the ferns are nodding their heads as autumn passes

  554. elizabeth veldon's election diary: week one

  555. two radio pieces

  556. our lives are expressions of light (for mary)

  557. dr who at the two apple trees workshop

  558. dumbarton's drums (for jean redpath)

  559. the human capacity for evil is more than matched by acts of rememberance (for chris and ela)

  560. music for a lost lauren bacall film

  561. towards autumn

  562. four songs by john dowland part 4: i saw my lady weep (for jude)

  563. i break everything/

  564. four songs by john dowland part 3: his golden locks time hath to silver turned (for jude)

  565. four songs by john dowland part 2: can she excuse my wrongs (for jude)

  566. four songs by john dowland part 1: flow my tears, fall (for jude)

  567. five explorations of a geometric shape (for rhondalea)

  568. a portrait of the artist as a middle aged woman who smiles at dogs and children

  569. the horse has lost it's rider thhore st it's rie has losder tht ihore sts losd's rie haer

  570. id situation remixes for broken cctv cameras and video tape

  571. a shorter protestant hymnal (for rhondalea)

  572. music for christian's tea party

  573. praise be the lord who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle

  574. for Ƃnq Oǝs

  575. a section of biography describing two narratives

  576. whirling the midwife's extractor (and two unfinished works)

  577. what we saw in the hills

  578. three regional superstitions from lowsley's 'berkshire grammar, folk lore and glossary'

  579. for lydia who gives expression to flowers

  580. after stonewall, after comptons

  581. six mystery plays

  582. seven

  583. a solstice song

  584. two hand stencils

  585. two songs for laetitia

  586. each performance is a fresh improvisation, a new attempt to define a language for your instrument, a new set of gestures which builds upon but does not seek to replicate each performance and each set of gestures which went before (for john)

  587. i've never been a patriot

  588. two glasgow streets at night

  589. entrance and recessional

  590. common themes in european fascism volume 3: two definitions of fascism

  591. common themes in european fascism volume 2: myth and tradition

  592. computer music revisited

  593. a is for α

  594. a dull fury encased in stasis

  595. the lilly of my heart

  596. the pigeon mass

  597. common themes in european fascism volume 1: class and socialist rhetoric

  598. a handwriting exercise for michel foucault

  599. tame horses on tumbledown

  600. three spring poems

  601. we have arisen from sleep

  602. a resurrection for april

  603. wild calla lilies growing on the banks of the allander symbolise the resurrection of judas who will free us from roman tyranny

  604. three songs for ghosts

  605. a canticle for frankie knuckles

  606. two evocations of early sound poetry

  607. some lullabies for oona

  608. a map of privilege/ a map of pain

  609. an elegy for fred phelps

  610. ameratsu ('on the origin of species'/ a short introduction and seven chapters remix)

  611. after 'without sanctuary:' three photographs, three victims and a song

  612. and if any question why we lived we will reply 'for the one million acts of kindness we could bestow, the fragments of compassion, the love and the hope of easing the pain of others. for this and a million other reasons'

  613. some lowland poems

  614. four lyrics and three passages from 'four quartets'

  615. two passages from ernest shackleton's journals (for madeline)

  616. glengoyne surrenders to winter and all the valleys fill with snow

  617. a winter song for faze

  618. the lower levels of angels, even, are bathed in grace (for lilly)

  619. an empty room (redux)

  620. like dust, smoke, ghosts (on the bombing of nagasaki)

  621. two fawns crash through the woods ahead of us

  622. the whirling knife jazz piano of elizabeth Veldon (volume 2)

  623. three transitional pieces

  624. two tracks for a gym (volume 1)

  625. a section from 'my distorted vision (for Hildegard of Bingen​)'

  626. a process of unlearning (for peggy and sophia)

  627. the frost is setting in

  628. an alchemic process for derek jarman

  629. three lowland songs

  630. two anthems on the burial and assumption of the virgin in the york psalter

  631. star of the sea, pray for us sinners, pray for me

  632. השואה

  633. linier narratives

  634. two winter songs and a spring carol

  635. five soundtracks to short silent films

  636. a-wassailing a-wassailing

  637. holy wells and their uses (for aoife)

  638. a mass for oscar romero

  639. war is not over (in answer to john lennon)

  640. the first tree in the greenwood, it was the holly

  641. a journey towards wholeness (for jackie)

  642. 19.11.2013

  643. the whirling knife jazz piano of elizabeth Veldon

  644. several reflections on anglo-saxon burial rituals for outcasts

  645. an anglo-saxon songbook part 3. charms and spells (for james wise, magus)

  646. an anglo-saxon songbook part 2. shorter poems (for jude cowan montague)

  647. an anglo-saxon songbook part 1. riddles (for ade)

  648. kristallnacht (2013)

  649. Glen Tanar

  650. three folk songs

  651. four tracks for a dancefloor

  652. a blasted victoriana (2013 remaster)

  653. in remembrance of maria anna mozart

  654. branches from a tree: two drone albums formally published by red venice records

  655. sic transit gloria mundi (thus passes the glory of the world)

  656. a suite of wedding music (for ryan)

  657. three tracks drawn from memory

  658. two broken programs

  659. two broken sequences

  660. two broken tunes

  661. one week of the shipping forcast

  662. another year has passed and your death has not rattled the windows or stirred the dry leaves that have begun to fall

  663. requiem (for FaZe EXile)

  664. for nicky

  665. a diaspora in reverse: four songs of growing up in the west coast catholic community of scotland

  666. now men will go content with what we spoiled or, discontent, boil bloody and be spilled (extended mix)

  667. an organ dedicated to purcell

  668. some flowers in autumn (another volume of soundcloud tracks)

  669. snow comes off the hills

  670. i_consume_ it_consumes_us (practice sessions and live)

  671. the town rests in a bay of hills

  672. antiquities

  673. peering into caledonia we dream of italy, the sun, olive groves

  674. healing music for paul

  675. a sense of movement (for rl)

  676. tired of celebrating great men (four vocoder improvisations)

  677. two glitches

  678. two poems

  679. a speck of dust set in darkness (for carl sagan)

  680. accessing the qur'an through the ghost of western church music

  681. realising the sensation of traveling by steam train using a repetitive piano phrase (for rl)

  682. i first reconciled myself to death while walking the route of the old turnpike road near the house where my grandmother lived

  683. an alternitive soundtrack to 'the great white silence'

  684. the first sutra

  685. ghosts

  686. the foxglove is blooming (for robert wiggens, d. 06/2013)

  687. several cuts

  688. music for a while (after purcell)

  689. white knots in the dark

  690. live at blackfriers, glasgow. 25th of june 2013

  691. en meditativ fred för laetitia schteinberg

  692. two tone poems

  693. then I think of all the women who have gone before me, taken male names, hidden themselves in the anonymity of institutions, the safety of academia and i think of the waste, the loss, and my heart breaks for all the lost voices and the voices lost now, forced into silence, the voices we will loose

  694. a definition of light

  695. the story of the jewish calender by azriel eisenberg

  696. for eliane radigue

  697. a geographical fix

  698. faith, hope and empathy (1 corinthians 13)

  699. ianrnlacl/ arvrvaac (for maddiemx for her body to become a sight of spontaneous joy

  700. the condition of pre-revolutionary exiles in siberia as recorded by s turner f.r.g.s. who wishes us to forget their plight in the interests of incresed trade

  701. fivetimesfiftyfortallis

  702. the resurrected soul is as a leaf opening in the spring (for thomas tallis)

  703. an evocation of a proximity sensor

  704. like wakening refreshed from a long sleep

  705. the lady chapel

  706. two lectures and a happening

  707. two programs

  708. an alchemy

  709. a thousand miles thinking (for rl)

  710. a requiem for thomas veldon

  711. several variant paths

  712. six journeys

  713. spring opens like a flower

  714. c j wills (md) laments the discomfort of his riding boots and afterwards mentions the condition of the jewish people in 19th century persia but mostly laments the condition of his boots

  715. falling, always falling (for a)

  716. another sun: selected compilation tracks from ilsa records

  717. uncollected ephemera found in a drawer

  718. from a distant point everything is at peace and there is no pain. thus is the mind of god

  719. distance

  720. the codex

  721. 'there is a dreadful hell within me' (several poems by ivor gurney)

  722. a mass for lucy meadows

  723. the limits of the known

  724. i know the path (for a)

  725. a text for rhondalea

  726. two seasons

  727. golden lads and lassies must

  728. the gaudy spring

  729. a soul with no footprint

  730. ecce homo

  731. two disassociations from the reverent campbell's trip to the holy land

  732. four maps of the afterlife

  733. maps

  734. the window is nailed and boarded through which i saw the west

  735. motorway

  736. milngavie to carbeth

  737. a process of decomposition 6 - 9

  738. golden head, black wing

  739. four landscapes

  740. a poetic tradition 2

  741. the transport

  742. a poetic tradition

  743. the godly ship ('a year before the mast' bonus material)

  744. dies natalis solis invicti

  745. a process of decomposition part 1

  746. +5 (for thomas veldon)

  747. the frost takes hold

  748. two spells against winter (for caroline)

  749. two landscapes

  750. for john cage

  751. the landnama book of iceland as it illustrates the dialect, place names, folk lore and antiquities of cumberland, westmorland and north lancashire

  752. jerusalem the golden/ the only thing we have to fear is fear itself

  753. the white hare of the calder water (for thomas veldon)

  754. christmas under fire

  755. session at falafel studio
    elizabeth Veldon and Luigi Pasquini

  756. a vase of flowers sitting by the window unregarded and covered in dust but vibrant still, still full of light (volume 2)

  757. 11.45 12/09/2012 redux

  758. a vase of flowers sitting by the window unregarded and covered in dust but vibrant still, still full of light (volume 1)

  759. a ruined hut beset by the winds

  760. pine trees in the wind

  761. the trees are alive with bird song

  762. square wave construct

  763. regarding the pain of others

  764. two reflections on classical music

  765. a child's war

  766. in the ruined chapel the wind sings

  767. four lost or unpublished works

  768. (in her eyes) space is curved and it is possible to have a straight line
    elizabeth Veldon and Nicolas Grenier

  769. passing over in silence

  770. why we create art (for alistair crosbie)

  771. uncollected ephemera found in a drawer (volume 2)

  772. excuse me sir but i think this record is broken

  773. shalom (for gad beck)

  774. on a winter's night watching the armaments factory you can hear the pig latin of centurions complaining of the cold

  775. live at 'a little bit of theatre' tuesday 28th may, 2012

  776. if i can shoot rabbits then i can shoot fascists

  777. fontanamix/ fontanamixfeed

  778. music for dead buildings

  779. the good shepherd

  780. stop being dismissive of dance music by thinking you can 'do' glitch

  781. barbarossa

  782. before the revolution i drank sweet wine and smoked cigerettes

  783. when you are a child adults take pictures without asking your permission first

  784. mahler’s 1st symphony re-imagined as ice water dripping in a thaw

  785. winter skies

  786. halloween in a haunted world
    elizabeth Veldon/ The Implicit Order

  787. two deaths

  788. american political life is a pit of snakes
    subversive Intentions/ elizabeth Veldon

  789. 3.

  790. hitler and mussolini are only historical figures manifesting a particular trait in european politics

  791. red runs through autumn leafs like sparks through burning charcoal

  792. O swallow swallow/ Le Prince d’Aquitaine à la tour abolie

  793. they where pursued by fire

  794. the irony of a death's head

  795. on margate sands i can connect nothing with nothing

  796. 365 days of blows ( nun will die sonn' so hell aufgeh'n)

  797. machines (for jean tinguely.)

  798. 2.

  799. Gnossienne 1 for a noise orchestra of one (pianist alexandre tharaud)

  800. i can not eat. i am dying

  801. my craft or sullen art

  802. swallow, swallow

  803. bodies

  804. dna

  805. a tribute to the topic folk samplers

  806. the convulsion of nature

  807. Overriding the impulses of the lower brain

  808. birdsong (for Ai Weiwei)

  809. 1.

  810. on death (kindertotenlieder)

  811. blood/ brain/ barrier

  812. the english and their dogs

  813. iona

  814. towards an abstract music

  815. night and fog (for thomas veldon)

  816. tenebrae

  817. wood

  818. miscellanea


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